Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ziezo Designs

Today we meet Andrea, a Waldorf on Etsy artist and shop owner of ziezoDesigns.

The origins of ziezo

Ziezo is a Dutch word that means it’s all right’. It reflects my feeling that I had when I accepted being able to be a stay at home mom of 3 little ones and being able to spend more time crafting again after years of studying and being professionally engaged. It also means ‘sawa’ a commonly uttered word, actually more an expression in Swahili, one of the languages used here in Kenya.
 Reversible Apron, Kanga
Ziezo is the label I created when I rediscovered my desire to create beautiful and functional items, after a long time of focusing on professional advancement. The creations are heavily inspired by Waldorf Education and Steiner philosophy as my children are attending a Waldorf Kindergarten/School here in Kenya. It all started with some kiddie aprons in the beautiful traditional materials such as Kikoy and Kanga fabrics (both 100 % cotton), grew to 100% wool felt crowns, wool and cotton Waldorf dolls, 100% silk butterfly wings and it is still expanding as the kids are getting bigger and their play changes.
 Butterfly Wings
I prefer to use natural materials and try to source them locally. That might mean buying and using raw wool from the local weaver, or that I use a 100% lambs wool jumper that originated in Europe or North America but bought at ‘mitumba’ (the second hand market) here in East Africa.
Knot Teething Doll
In the end it does come down to the fact that each product is carefully handcrafted. Thanks for considering to purchase a creation!
Jacaranda Tree Seedpod Gnomes
Please visit Andrea's Waldorf on Etsy shop ziezoDesigns to see more of her unique, playful handcrafted creations!
Birthday Crown
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  1. I read with enthusiasm.
    This beautiful creations because they are made with love!
    I will think about often the meaning of the word Ziezo: D
    Thank you for sharing your story :)
    A big hug

  2. We love our rainbow silk butterfly wings! Well, my daughters do, and so do I!