Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Introduction to Play Silks

 Summer Sky Play Silk
Introducing Play Silks
By Brenda Massei of Pail & Pie
 Waldorf play silks are simple, beautiful toys that need no instruction manual for children yet often bring a puzzled look upon first introduction to adults.  Explaining the joy of play silks to an adult takes longer than showing them, but here are a few reasons parents will enjoy them too.
Play Silks are Natural. 
Play silks are dyed squares of 100% silk. The feel of the scarf is light, fluid, and soft. Natural toys are less harmful to our environment and our children. 
  Silk Streamer Ring
Play Silks are Open Ended. 
Like many Waldorf toys, play silks are open ended. Children use their imaginations with silks. Silks become an easy backdrop for play because they are so basic. They can be used as capes, vehicles, animals, or whatever the child needs at that moment of play.  Simply holding onto a silk while running is enjoyable.
Play Silks Support The Child's Ability of Expression.
Play silks allow a child to dive into any play they enjoy and wish to play at that moment. The silks are not limiting but instead support multiple types of imaginative play. Silks are the ultimate reusable toy.  They can be the main focus of  play or a special ingredient.
Play Silks are Not Commercial.
Silks offer a commercial free option to the many store shelves full of television and movie marketed items. Children don't have to feel compelled to collect silks or use them in a manner compatible to a plot line. Play silks are free from any marketing and therefore are free to become a child's own. 
Play Silks are Beautiful.
Toys that are lovely to touch and beautiful to behold generate a reverence for life. Children exposed to such beauty can learn to appreciate simple, natural elegance.  
Play Silks for Kids
My seven year old son thinks they make great forts! Do you have play silks for your children? What do they use them for?  Leave a comment and share your ideas.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Beneath the Rowan Tree

Today we welcome Lori from the Waldorf on Etsy Team shop, Beneath the Rowan Tree
Beneath the Rowan Tree is a family team of myself (Lori), my husband Andy and our inspiring, exasperating 7 year old Rowan. We share our home with two young terrors/ dogs: Archie the Sheltie and Murray the Four Pound Fury (Papillon).
 Andy works in our family print shop, I work full time out of the home and together we homeschool our daughter... gathering where our house is a mess, our dogs are nuts, my hands are dye stained and we are all happy creating, telling stories and doing what we love here in our small town, in our little home by the lake!
We focus on handmade natural toys in the Waldorf tradition.  Our toys are simple, child-led, open-ended to inspire imagination.  We bring quality and experience to all we create and look forward to working with you to provide wonder full play experiences for your little ones!
 Our blog is hopping! at http://beneaththerowantree.com
 You'll be able to connect with us and find free tutorials, patterns and play ideas as well as lots more.
Like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/beneaththerowantree
We are located in Northern Ontario, Canada, so please allow extra time for our items to get to you, especially if you are planning for special occasions.