Sunday, January 27, 2013

Enchanted Glade

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Carmen, a Waldorf on Etsy artist from Italy.  Her Etsy shop, named Radura Incantata translates as Enchanted Glade.
 I'm Italian and live in the north of Italy, I have two children and two cats, my love for the creations of needle felted carded wool was born from the purchase of one of them by a friend ... and there was born the desire to learn. 
I grew up in the mountains with my grandmother.  It was heaven, the stables with cows, chickens, and even snakes encountered on the trails.  I now live in the city and all that, the nature. . .I miss her.  For me Waldorf is this:  a return to nature.

What I create is inspired by the fairy world: fairies, gnomes, elves ... In short the little people.  I love fairy tales, and I am a avid reader of fantasy books.
My creations are alive.  I don't seem them as objects, but as a soul that comes to life.  Waldorf has been a wonderful discovery for me.  I searched the web, read a lot and my enthusiasm grew.  
Through discovering the creations of Marie from Soft Earth, I realized it's part of me too. 
To connect with Carmen and see more of her creations please visit her Waldorf on Etsy shop: Radura Incantata 
and check out her blog at:


  1. Thank you very much Matti :*
    I'm excited to be here!

    A hug to all the team :)

  2. Thank you very much Ziezo :D

  3. Such a wonderful interview. Nice to read a little about Carmen and the glade she grew up in. Lovely handwork. The spring fairy is such a joy.