Sunday, July 14, 2013


Today we welcome Yelena Beskrovni, owner and artist of the Waldorf on Etsy shop, Yelena's Anthroposophical Toys.

About Myself
I studied pedagogy in Ukraine, but in those days I was yet to hear anything about Waldorf.  However, even then I felt that there must be a better method to bring up children than the modern factory-like grade system.  One day I heard about anthroposophy and I was instantly hooked.
Later I moved to Israel and brought with me the love for Waldorf education and the desire to help children benefit from its teachings.  I started working in a non-Waldorf kingergarten.  At first the management was skeptical about Waldorf, but when they saw that children were becoming much more open, trusting and caring, they warmed up to anthroposophy and Waldorf ideas. 

How Did I Start Making Toys?
I've always wanted to make toys.  I took lessons and discovered just how wonderful the process of making one really is.  I believe that every doll I make has its own soul - the pose it takes while I make it, the way its head is turned, all make it unique. 

What Is Special About My Toys?
I make my dolls only from natural materials.  I use high quality merino wool (and occasionally mohair) and only natural dyes. It's very important to me not to expose the children to any harmful materials or mass-manufactured elements.
In addition to the toys in my shop I also make toys for the kindergarten I work in.  I love to see how the children play with them, use them to enrich their fantasy and learn about the world.  My toys are durable, stable and washable - they must be because every day  I see how the children enjoy chewing and bending the toys when they play.  It gives me great pleasure to know that my toys help children in addition to being fun to play with. 
 Come visit my shop
Thank you, Yelena Beskrovni

Monday, July 1, 2013

Syrendell's LAPHH

 ~Love ~ Abundance ~ Peace ~ Health~


Kerelaion eBook
Jennifer & Rick Tan are the owners of Syrendell.  Syrendell is the collaboration of love, abundance, peace, health and happiness in the Tan Family.  They share their knowledge and talents with others through their arts, crafts, writing, and music in order to help others have an enriched, holistic, joyful life! 

Syrendell's mission is to provide you with handmade 
toys, crafts, fiber arts, custom aromatherapy and harp music 
so that you may fill your home with opportunities to learn 
and LAPHH!
 Their items are wonderful for home learning, for artists, as well as for Waldorf-inspired folks and families who wish to attain a more holistic, artistic, and natural family life.
Wood Crochet Hook Set
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 Chalk Drawing Video & eBook
Syrendell are proud members of the Waldorf on Etsy Team!