Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fairy Shadow

Today we meet Tania, artist and owner of the the Waldorf on Etsy team shop Fairy Shadow.
 As a teenager I made hand pieced quilts for my brother and sister after receiving and being inspired by a quilt my great grandmother made while in her 90s. It was
a log cabin pattern made from the scraps of her family’s life.  It was so curious to see bits that were parts of one person’s dress and another’s pajamas. This was the beginning of my interest in
upcycling textiles.
In 1994, my sister and I produced a mail order catalog catering to Waldorf families.  We had so much fun and worked very hard making natural fiber dolls and costume wear.  After three years we
found the cost to our home lives was just too high and closed up shop but I continued as a handworker for Magic Cabin Dolls and later Sarah’s Silks.  My sister is now a Waldorf teacher.
Today I focus most of my energy on a line of floral hair accessories handcrafted from recycled t-shirts. I love taking the cast-offs of our culture and making something new and beautiful. As any
gardener knows, out of the compost heap come the most lovely and healthy plants. I want my customers to first fall in love with my blossoms and then be pleasantly surprised that they are made from
reclaimed materials. In addition to my Etsy shop, Fairyshadow, I wholesale my accessories to small boutiques as well as vend at local craft shows.
Blue Flowered Organdy Ribbon Headband
I began making my flowers shortly after my sixteen year old daughter was successfully treated for cancer and we needed add to our income stream. My daughter is my hero and inspiration. One
doesn’t consider that there will be hardships when one has a new babe but it is a joy to admire the strength of your child. If you visit my shop you’ll find her as a frequent model. She is the sparkling
blue eye greeting you in my banner and pictured above.
To see more of Tania's fun and beautiful upcycled artwork, to purchase her pieces for your own or to contact her about wholesale lots, please visit her shop Fairy Shadow on Etsy.


  1. I have received some of Tania's creations, they are SO delightful. cheers Marie

  2. Wonderful accessories!
    All very beautiful!
    Long live it's nice to meet many creative! :)

    A hug :)