Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Drop of Joy

Today we welcome Tatum from Waldorf on Etsy Team Shop: 
Waldorf Inspired, Knit With Love
Soft Wool Flower Baby Teether
 I craft natural, Waldorf-inspired items for my own family and friends, and for yours. These are pieces which can last generations and will inspire hours of creative play. It is my hope that each piece I create and send out into the world will add at least a drop of joy.
Waldorf Birthday Crown

 My personal journey with Waldorf Education began in kindergarten and spanned 12 amazing years. Little did I know at the time, but I was immensely fortunate in having revered Waldorf teacher, Jack Petrash, as my primary instructor. As all students of Waldorf schools, or those experiencing Waldorf/Steiner homeschool guidance, my soul was enriched and nurtured through the holistic environment I spent so much time surrounded in. However, it was not until I had children of my own that the true beauty of the Waldorf lifestyle and education process became apparent.
Insulating Water Bottle Cover
Not having spent much (or any) time around young children as an adult, I had no real idea of how lacking in warmth and nurture our general environment is. I had the naive expectation that the experiences which nurtured my childhood were more or less the same as everyone else's. Further, I thought my children would be welcomed into the community in the same gentile and loving manner. Instead, I found myself surrounded by more plastic and battery operated gizmos and special contraptions to control or encourage every new developmental shift than I care to remember. None of it felt authentic or comfortable, and it wasn't until I reached back out to the greater Waldorf community that I truly found my footing as a mother.
Celebration Ring
Life has offered my family the opportunity to homeschool my children and truly incorporate Waldorf rhythms into every nook and cranny of our lives.  It has been an unexpected joy to be able to share the crafts I'm inspired to create for my own children with the Waldorf community at large via Etsy.  The items I offer are pieces I care deeply about.  Loving focus and energy are poured into bringing beauty and durability to each offering.  It is my hope that my small creations inspire you and bring alog a drop of joy into your home!
To see more of Tatum's creations please visit her
Waldorf on Etsy shop:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Today we welcome Michelle of MOLICAAustralia to our 
Waldorf on Etsy Team!
MOLICAAustralia is about the love of natural materials, the beauty of uniquely handcrafted fiber art and eco friendly living.
  Michelle has been working with 100% Wool Felt and Fleece since 2005, because the colors and textures of these natural mediums are both attractive and comforting to people of all ages.  She creates pieces with the intention of inspiring creativity and imaginative play, whilst also reducing our environmental footprint.
The business name ‘MOLICA’ is a combination of her two daughter’s names because her interest in Natural Fiber Art was inspired by them.  They are now both budding artists and do some amazing work, which they are beginning to list for sale. 

 Michelle's work is a mixture of sewn and needle felted pieces, sometimes combining the two. Some pieces are adapted from pattern books, some are her own organic patterns.  Her needle felted sculptures come from a range of inspirations and imagination, all original works.
With a background in early childhood education and working with vulnerable families teaching parenting skills, Michelle wanted to do something that combined her early childhood knowledge around children’s play and development while at the same time supporting more environmentally ways of living and enjoy her creative pursuits.
                 All of her work is made with care and attention, from quality natural materials, either sculpted from wool fleece or hand cut and sewn from 100% wool felt. Sewn items are stuffed with 100% pure wool fleece and sewn with quality cotton or silk thread.
  Michelle is:
 "Inspired by nature and motivated by the pleasure this work brings to me and to those who receive a unique gift hand made with care and creativity. My work celebrates nature, living simply and having reverence for beautiful handmade creations and artistic work."
Visit MOLICAAustralia at the following websites:

And be sure to check out Michelle's blog Step Lightly on the Earth where she celebrates nature, living simply and having reverence for beautiful creations, handmade from natural materials.
Remember,  the world of natural fiber art isn't just about the 'end product'.  It is about the rhythm of the making, discovery, creative expression and a way of living...... that is what her blog is about!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Upcycling Summertime Project for Kids: Pop Top Bracelets

 Happy June!
 Here's a fun summertime arts and crafts project to do with kids (or on your own).  It involves up-cycling soda can tops, also called pop tops, into bracelets.  This project is easy for both boys and girls and makes a great gift for the crafter or someone special in their lives.
While far from a traditional Waldorf craft, these pop top bracelets are woven together with ribbon and help children practice finger dexterity and patterns.  They show how "trash" can be turned into "treasure" and offer a unique starting point for a dialog about reducing, reusing and recycling.
Before you begin you'll want to collect about 30 pop tops per bracelet.  Wash them and use a small hammer to flatten out any sharp edges.  If you're working with older kids they can help with this stage.  Next cut a piece of ribbon about 3 feet long and slide a clasp onto the ribbon letting it rest in the middle.
 Next tie the ribbon with the clasp onto the first pop top.
 Lay the tied pop top on top of an upside down pop top.  Be sure that the holes are opposite each other.  See the picture below where the small hole is on the bottom of the top pop top and on the top of the bottom one.  Rough sides face inside, the smooth sides of the pop tops face out.
 Now thread each side of the ribbon through the bottom pop top and then through the top pop top.  (In the picture below the pop tops from the above picture are flipped over.)
 Below is a picture of the pop tops flipped over again to see what it looks like when the ribbon comes up through the top pop top.
 Now get a third pop top and use the ribbon in a crisscross pattern to connect it to the first pop top, being sure to thread the ribbon down through the bottom pop top (the bottom pop top is the second one you put on).
 Get another pop top and place it next to the bottom one.  Weave the ribbon onto the new pop top and back up through the third pop top.  With the exception of the very first and very last pop top, the ribbon always goes through two pop tops at a time.
 Time to crisscross the ribbon again.  
If you like you can add an accent bead here.
 Keep up the pattern of weaving through the pop tops, crisscrossing on the top layer but not on the bottom.  The picture below is how the front or top layer should look. 
The picture below is how the back of the bracelet will look.  Remember that the smoother side of the pop tops always faces out, the rougher sides will touch each other.
Once your bracelet is as long as you'd like it to be, put a knot in the ribbon and then attach the other side of the clasp.  If you don't have any clasps you can omit this step and simply tie the ribbon together.  You can use wire, string, or ribbon to attach more beads or charms to the bracelets.  Or keep going and make a necklace :)
 Thanks for visiting and happy crafting!
If you'd like to purchase either of the pieces displayed here, please visit my Waldorf on Etsy shop:  BeadCanyon
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