Monday, August 12, 2013

Give Away from Soft Earth Art

Marie, of the Waldorf on Etsy shop Soft Earth Art, is giving away this beautiful wool circle picture!
Just leave a comment on her blog to enter this giveaway and share with your friends
It is open to national and international viewers
The winner will be drawn on the 15th of August

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Waldorf Toys that Promote Learning, Naturally

Open-ended play is a most important part of learning in the Waldorf kindergarten.
Waldorf Playsilk Children can turn a blue silk into a river, a green silk into a grassy field, a yellow silk becomes a cape.
Natural materials like felted acorns can become food or even currency.
Simple Waldorf dolls allow children to nurture; and felted or wooden animals feed a child’s imagination.
There are also simple, Waldorf toys that can teach children more specific lessons, such as the fire, water, air, earth stacking toys from Simple Gift Toys.
A wooden memory game from Petals and Sunshine can help build cognitive skills. 
Math gnomes from LaLutine make first grade learning so much more fun.
Older children can learn about permaculture with Gaia’s Garden cooperative board game from Living Earth Games.
Visit the Waldorf on Etsy Team shops for more toys and learning games.