Monday, April 15, 2013

A Hippie With A Minivan

Today we meet the artist and owner of the Waldorf on Etsy shop:
A Hippie With A Minivan
 Needle Felted Babywearing Mama
My name is Melissa and I am a mom or four wonderful children.
Though we unschool our children, I have always had a love for Waldorf education as my years spent in a Waldorf school as a child were some of the most memorable and peaceful of my childhood. Even though we don’t follow a Waldorf curriculum, it still is part of my children’s lives. 
I am a mom, a blogger (, a photographer and a lover of the fiber arts. I sew and quilt, crochet and knit a tiny bit and have now found needle felting which has quickly become a passion and maybe even an addiction. There is something about sculpting with wool that just amazes me.
My creatures and characters are original.  Many times I start felting without knowing what the result will be. Their personalities arise when I start creating their faces or the scenery that will be around them and they inspire me. My love of natural parenting, including breastfeeding and baby wearing, have also come to life within my creatures. I spend hours on each creation and love the small details. 
Many of my creations are pose-able and they are all made with play in mind. I use mostly merino wools because I love the colors and the softness. Though some creations are a bit more fragile then others I want them to be handled and cherished and hopefully be allowed to come alive in a child’s (or inner child’s) imagination. 
I started my Etsy shops because we have a dream of converting a bus into a home, living on the road and living off our talents. One day, we hope to do just that. 
In addition to needle felting, I love photography and have a photography shop on Etsy :  Melissa Bellemare Photography
 All of the prints and greeting cards available from my shop are from original images taken by myself. Some are from here in Quebec, some are from majestic British Columbia, and a few were taken in the friendly Maritimes.
Photo Greeting Card
To see more of Melissa's sweet needle felted creations please visit her Waldorf on Etsy shop:  A Hippie With A Minivan
For more of her beautiful pictures visit her photography shop on Etsy:
To learn more about her visit her blog, A Hippie With A Minivan at:
Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird Greeting Card

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