Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lavender and Ladybugs

Today we welcome Yuki, Waldorf on Etsy artist and owner of Lavender and Ladybugs to our blog.  
My name is Yuki McNeil and I am a stay at home mom to an amazing 2-year-old daughter, Eloise.  
I love to learn new things, especially crafts.  I come from a family of artists so creating is in my blood.
Before having my daughter, I was a Pre-K teacher in an inner city school in Memphis, TN. I absolutely love being around children and watching them explore and learn. However, public school was not conducive to my inner feelings of how children should live and grow. It made me sad and unfulfilled to see and be a part of an environment full of children that were not allowed to have freedom in their learning and without ample time to explore and play.
It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my daughter and doing research for alternative education philosophies that I discovered the amazing world of Waldorf Education and Rudolph Steiner.   
This was an eye-opening experience for me and the Waldorf philosophy seemed so congruent to what I believe is important to a child’s learning and life.
Waldorf Cashmere Wool Cuddle Doll   I started perusing Etsy for beautifully handmade Waldorf items and began making my own. As I became passionate about making toys, I dreamed of one day opening my own Etsy shop.
 Through the busyness of being a new mom, I continued to create by using only natural materials. I made gifts for friends, gifts for myself, and gifts for my daughter. I have a crafting room full of handmade felt and wool toys!
This past February, I made my Etsy debut with my shop Lavender and Ladybugs. I finally have a place to share and sell the gifts and toys that I love to create. I use only natural materials and I often try to use upcycled materials as well. My shop includes items such as cuddle dolls that are made in the Waldorf tradition, needle felted animals and accessories for nature tables, and other gifts such as treasure bags and lavender drawer sachets.

My shop’s name came from two of my daughter’s favorite things in the garden, lavender and ladybugs. Because I think it is soothing and healing, I often add the relaxing scent of lavender flowers and essential oils to my creations. All my items are created with much love and passion. I enjoy everything that I create and strive to make items that will bring magic and beauty to the person that receives it.

on Etsy to see more of Yuki's sweet creations and visit the Lavender and Ladybugs facebook page to connect with her! 


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