Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lila Kids

 Today we meet Sarah Kreckel, owner of the Waldorf on Etsy shop Lila.

Lila Kids Apron 
Why an online shop?
In my past life I was a history teacher, a curriculum designer, and a teacher trainer. I've slept in mud huts, been on an NCAA championship team, hiked on five continents, and dabbled in yoga. Now, designing and sewing are essential creative outlets for me. It's a time and space that's just for me and enables me to focus intently on something I enjoy beyond measure. 
I have a husband, a five-year old, and two teenage stepkids, all of whom offer useful opinions about my products. I started sewing when my little daughter turned one and I was finally getting a full night's sleep. My best friend suggested, after she actually paid me money to make all her Hanukkah gifts, that I should open an Etsy shop. So I did. It's completely fun and I really love developing new products and working with customers.

 Mommy and Me Apron Set
Why do I make what I make?
As both a former teacher and a mom of a Waldorf kid, I believe that children should have time outside and time to play creatively every day. I also think that the things they play with should be beautiful and made of natural materials. A good toy should open rather than close opportunities for creativity. Everything I make reflects this concept. The fabrics I use tend to be modern and geometric, which reflects my own style.
Super Hero Play Cape

What’s so special about the fabrics I use?
Most of my fabric comes from a family-owned textile mill in my town. The mill has a small retail store where they sell some of their handprinted fabrics to the local public. Usually, the mill sells directly to the designers who commission the fabric. If you happen to be a client of one of the designers (if you are a Kennedy, an Astor, or a Gore, for instance), you can see the fabric in your house. Otherwise, you are out of luck. This means that my designs won’t show up on your friends or your friends’ kids (unless you give them as presents!) and everyone will think you have great taste.
The coolest but also most frustrating element of shopping at the mill is that the fabric they have for sale always changes. Once they sell out of something, it's gone forever. You can be sure that only a few items of a particular fabric will ever be available in my shop. This means that what you purchase from Lila is almost one of a kind! 

Why do I think quality material is important For kids?
I am a strong believer in the Waldorf emphasis on surrounding children with beautiful things. Kids are naturally drawn to complementary colors, symmetry, and simple designs. When children have the opportunity to be creative with tools and spaces that look inviting and feel comfortable, they approach their art projects more calmly and with less distractibility, and they seek out creative time more often. Your kids will be happy to use a special pencil holder or to wear a beautiful, soft smock because it makes them feel great while they do what they love! And you'll be pleased to see them so engaged and thoughtful with their work.
More Ways to Connect with Me
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This is where I share information about my studio and my fabrics, upcoming products, creative ways to use them, shows and markets I am attending, and everything else.
  To see more of Sarah's beautiful, quality crafted items please visit Lila her Waldorf on Etsy shop.  She ships free in the USA and welcomes custom orders! 
  Enjoy Your Day!

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  1. There is nothing like handmade to sooth the soul, lovely items Sarah, cheers Marie