Friday, March 22, 2013

Waldorf on Etsy Blogs Worth Checking Out

In addition to the beautiful creations on Waldorf on Etsy, there's a world of information on raising kids, creating art, making crafts, and experiencing Waldorf inspired lifestyles available on the blogs and websites of the individual artists who make up this special Waldorf on Etsy team.
The purpose of today's post is to share with you links to some of these Waldorf on Etsy blogs and encourage you to explore them for yourself.  They are hosted by artists from all over the world and reflect the depth and diversity of the Waldorf experience around the globe.

Roses and Cream Studio
A place to dream, create and look for unique creations - like this currently featured chocolate bunny or the linen tea bags for recently made for her daughters dolly tea party.
Recycling, raising boys, crafting, gardening, exploring - it's all here and so much more - a great resource, especially for homeschooling families from the owner of the Waldorf on Etsy shop Pail & Pie

An inspiring blog about raising children in Kenya and a personal favorite of mine - so many great ideas for meaningful activities with your kids as well as interesting posts about the life of ziezo in Kenya.

Sevgi Dolls
Sevgi is a Waldorf inspired doll maker living in Turkey, Sevgidolls blog is 
a place to meet her new dolls and learn more about them. 

Fairy Shadow
Check out the upcycled garden at Fairy Shadow's blog.  Tania's unique hair accessories and adorable fairy babies make the perfect eco-friendly addition to a little girls Easter basket or Easter outfit.

This blog is such a delight to browse through!  Willodel creations bring out the child in everyone - I love these gnome homes and fairy and elf dwellings
There's all kinds of interesting things to look at and explore on blog from Oksana, a Waldorf on Etsy artist living in Italy, called La Fiaba Russa which translates to The Russian Fairy Tale in English.

Soft Earth
"Enter the enchanted world of needle felting. . ." that is Soft Earth Art.  New Zealand is a land of beauty well known for its sheep farming.  Marie of Soft Earth combines the magic and beauty of her surroundings with that of the simple beauty of wool into amazing needle felt creations.

A Little Handmade
 "I am being the change I'd like to see in the world. Every day I strive to work to relieve the suffering around me. I am learning all the time, lessons in humility, understanding, opening our hearts instead of hardening them, and so much more. . ."

Magical Forest Creations
This blog gives us a peek into the world of Magical Forest Creations.  Want to see the process Auromira uses to make her magical mountain play sets?  That is just one of the many things available on her blog.

Visit the Indigo Forest to enjoy the "everyday musings of a happy mama!", to learn about the natural polishes she uses on her wooden creations and how she makes them or read about the five etsy shops that have recently caught her eye.  This and so much more at:
This happy mama has another blog also worth checking out.  She's even got a recipe for elderberry syrup!

Enchanted Glade
Visit the blog of Carmen, a Waldorf on Etsy artist, nature lover and dreamer from Italy to see her beautiful needle felted creations.  If you don't know how to read Italian, use the google translate tool available here:
to translate her words into English.

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for all the links, I find this post very useful in the search for articles waldorf :)

    A big hug and congratulations to all the creative :)

  2. Such a lovely collection Matti! Thanks for highlighting all these great blogs.

  3. Nice collection, is this an ongoing feature?

  4. Thanks Karen,
    This post is just a collection of some of the favorite Waldorf on Etsy blogs I'd come across at the time. I'll be working on another blog list soon. Feel free to convo me through etsy if you have a blog to recommend, or post it here. Thanks, Matti