Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today we meet Sevgi, an engineer as well as a Waldorf on Etsy artist, living in Turkey.  Her love of dolls and sewing inspired her to learn how to make dolls when she was 15.  A few years ago she started making Waldorf Dolls.  Her Etsy shop, SevgiDolls specializes in handmade, organic dolls. 
All of Sevgi Dolls products are made of organic wool and certified organic materials. The dolls have colorful clothing and different hair colors to provide children a colorful world and imagination. The dolls have smiling faces so that children have smiling friends, so they will learn and like smiling. 
  The main reason Sevgi started making Waldorf dolls was the humanistic approach of Waldorf education. Since it aims to foster creative, analytical understanding and idealism, the humanistic approach helps individuals to develop free and morally responsible perception.
The dolls have various hair and skin colors in regard to being without prejudice. Sevgi Dolls philosophy promotes an eco-friendly, innovative, multicultural, peaceful and happy life style. Sevgi's wish is for our children to have a clean world and a happy future. 
To learn more about Sevgi and her beautiful dolls please visit her Waldorf on Etsy shop, SevgiDolls as well as connect with her online through the following links:
by Sevgi