Monday, February 4, 2013

Nature Tables

A nature table is a special way to bring a little bit of the beauty and magic of Nature into your home.  Creating and maintaining the nature table to represent the changing seasons is a wonderful activity for adults and children to share together.  Nature tables can be very simple or elaborately detailed depending on how they harmoniously fit into your home life.
  The first step to creating your nature table is to find a good location in your home.  You can dedicate a small table for this purpose, or you can use part of the space of a larger table, window sill, bookshelf, etc.  It helps for the nature table to be easy to reach for the little ones in the house. 
While out on a nature walk you can collect things to add to your nature table.  Things you  make together to reflect the current season or handmade items you purchase to celebrate nature are also great additions to your nature table.  Very likely you already have some special pieces you've collected over the years that can find renewed treasuring through display on your Nature Table.
 A beautiful rock, an interestingly curved stick, an abandoned birds nest, some moss, or any other item that seems right to you and your child.  A needle felted fairy, a family of wooden peg gnomes, or a seasonal angel resting amongst your natural treasures encourage children to dream and play.
The key to the nature table is that it's accessible to the children in your home.  Encourage your kids to play at the nature table, to move around the items, to play with the fairies and gnomes, to touch the rocks and leaves.   Let them add things they find to the nature table and change it to reflect the seasons changing outside your windows.
Don't feel constrained to keep your nature table on the table - pictured above is a beautiful example of bringing nature into your home in a unique way!  This kind of garland could hang above your nature table, or be a way to bring some of nature into your child's bedroom.  Remember it's your nature table - be creative and follow your heart in creating it!
  Let your imagination soar as you arrange the items on your nature table and enjoy the changing seasons! 
For more creative ideas to decorate your nature table, browse the Waldorf on Etsy team shops - you're sure to find something lovingly crafted by hand to enhance your own nature table.


  1. This is wonderful!
    A hug

  2. Thanks Carmen, I really enjoyed learning more about nature tables too!

  3. Ahhh beautiful!!! Such wonderful words and so inspiring to show people how simple it is to create a nature table. thanks for including my tree too.
    Auromira =)