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Autumn in The Waldorf on Etsy Team

It's mid August but the shortening days and cooler evenings hint at the coming Autumn season.  here are some lovely items to celebrate.

Weekly posts showcase handmade items crafted from varied materials. I also share the post on my Pinterest, TumblerTwitterGoogle +Instagram and Facebook page. Where possible I have included social media links for the artist/crafter. We appreciate you commenting and sharing on social media.

Woolley Mama, United Kingdom  Pippa Gibbons

"i am a mum of three and a Steiner trained teacher, i have been a handwork teacher and now assist in a Kindergarten. I am passionate about the use of natural materials. My work reflects a Waldorf style of craft with a reverence for nature and the cycle of the seasons, with many gnomes, fairies and pixies prancing through."
Woolley Mama on Facebook

Advent apple,dry felted

Advent Apple, Dry Felted

"Dry felted advent apple.Celebrate the coming of advent with these dry felted advent apples. Great for advent nature tables or to place on your Christmas tree (safer that lighted candles)."

Jasmine Velvet, Wisconsin, USA  Jennifer Motl

"I never thought I'd end up making eco-friendly, wearable art that lasts for generations. Most of my previous jobs have been very practical--I'm also a registered dietitian and journalist. But my parents and grandparents always have been creative. When I was a little girl, one of my grandmothers sewed me a furry, brown teddy bear with a black velvet nose. I named him "Brownie"--maybe not the most creative choice, but hey, I was 3 years old--and loved him almost to pieces. I dragged him on adventures daily, snuggled with Brownie at bedtime, and lovingly rubbed all the velvet off his nose.

To this day, touching velvet feels like a hug from my Grandma Lorraine. But it's hard to find velvet items for women. Last year, I was excited to discover I could buy white silk velvet scarves and dye them any color I wanted with professional fiber-reactive dyes. And, being a mom, I wanted to color clothes for my toddler, so I learned some techniques for dyeing fun, machine-washable cotton clothing--my son loves his iced-dyed super-hero cape and matching T-shirt."Jasmine Velvet on Facebook
Jasmine Velvet Website

Brown Silk Infinity Scarf, hand dyed brown and white scarf

"This hand painted silk scarf is colorfast and hand washable. This brown silk infinity scarf is the colors of a root beer float. Hand dyed brown and white scarf is a lightweight scarf made of Habotai silk, with a soft sheen. This brown infinity scarf is a long infinity scarf: about 11x72" around (28x183 cm). I used modern colorfast dyes and traditional Japanese shibori folding and dyeing techniques to create this tie dye scarf."

The Toadstool Forest, New Hampshire, USA  Elizabeth

"I am a crafty homeschooling mama to three beautiful girls. They are my inspiration and motivation to create toys and learning tools they love. Hopefully your children will too. It is important to me to use the highest quality natural materials in all my creations. I hope you see something tickles your fancy."
The Toadstool Forest on Facebook 

Waldorf Inspired Trick or Treaters ~ Witch, Jack O Lantern, Ghost peg dolls ~ Halloween Gnomes ~ Story Telling Props ~ Black, Orange & White

Waldorf Inspired Trick or Treaters ~ Witch, Jack O Lantern, Ghost peg dolls ~ Halloween Gnomes ~ Story Telling Props ~ Black, Orange & White

"These Waldorf inspired Trick or Treaters are sure to bring a bit of spooky fun to your seasonal table, story telling or imaginary play. The three friends include Little Witch, Jack O Lantern Gnome and Baby Ghost. Little Witch is made from a wooden angle peg which has been sanded smooth. Her dress is painted with grey water color. Her pointy hat and cloak are 100% wool felt and have been hand sewn. Her broom is a wood handle with cotton floss. Broom is removable. She stands approximately 4" tall. Jack O Lantern Gnome is a wooden peg doll which has been sanded smooth. His orange outfit has a needle felted jack o lantern face. His green gnome hat is his pumpkin's stem. He stands approximately 4.5" tall. Baby Ghost is a wooden peg doll which has been sanded smooth. His white ghostly robe is hand cut and sewn out of 100% wool felt. He wears a matching gnome hat. He stands approximately 2" tall. All three have wood burned eyes and have been finished with beeswax polish. This is a handmade item. The picture is representative of what you will receive, however please realize that slight differences will occur as a result of the creative possess. Made in a smoke free home."

Pretty Dreamer, New Hampshire, USA  Pamela

"my name is Pamela and I live in the small mountain town in southwestern NH. I still love toys; trees and the living things that grow wild; histories, origins, storybooks, picture books and fairy tales of all kind; rocks, mountains, maps and terrain; typography, and ideas turned upside-down; folk hands, hand-stitching, patterns, textures, color and honest traditions that run deep; and all the other friendly playful things that function or are simply made to bring joy .... here I am two hands and a mischievous imagination making lively, useful, colorful, simple things for home and play. I studied sculpture and design at the Cooper Union in NYC where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I haven't stop chasing an idea yet. I love working with the materials that come from our natural world, like the native woods that grow near to where I live. I love the truthfulness of these materials and how they keep us connected to the place where we live."
Pretty Dreamer on Facebook
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Pretty Dreamer on Pinterest
Pretty Dreamer Website
 Etsy Featured Shop: 
Country Living Magazine featured product:

the windswept table/ woodland candle holders-- Featured: Country Living Magazine ----  eco friendly rustic weddings / nature inspired decor

the windswept table/ woodland candle holders-- Featured: Country Living Magazine ---- eco friendly rustic weddings / nature inspired decor

"barely an oak leaf still hangs above ...
the autumn winds have swept them free..
and blown them here,
to the windswept table ...
handcrafted of native, sustainably-harvested hardwood
creates a stunning display in light and shadow. ..
a beautiful celebration of light for the nature inspired table,
woodland weddings and eco-friendly home decor
wonderful hostess gift that shares the gift of warmth
and light all the year round.
listing includes a set of 3 candle holders
with pure hand poured beeswax tea lights:
set of three nature-inspired woodland candle holders"

AdiCeramicsAndArt, Israel   Adi Meyrav

"I am 28 years old living in Jerusalem, Israel. I studied ceramics for 3 years and love making different kinds of art - pottery, paintings, felt and wool products.  Every thing I make is done with lots of thought behind it and with a perpetual search for development and true meaning. Because of that, each item is unique and one of a kind.  All the items in my shop are perfect as presents for loved ones, or for your own use."

Jug with cork, salt fired

Jug with cork, salt fired

"This one of a kind, medium sized jug was hand made on a throwing wheel, with stoneware clay in high temperature salt firing (1260c). The unique color and texture are given by the radical effects of the salt thrown into the kiln during the firing. The jug is liquid safe glazed.  The jug can be used for storing different kinds of liquids - oil, vinegar, alcohol, etc.  The jug measures approximately 10cm wide and 13.5cm high (4'' X 5.3'') and can hold 1.75 cups (14 oz, 400ml) of liquid."

Claudia Nanni Fine Art,  Switzerland   Claudia Nanni

"I am an Italian Artist, Veggy mom of two little girls (Diana&Leda) and I really love Waldorf World! Now I live in Switzerland since 2010. I like to reflect on Nature and try to find myself in her. I have always painted and since I was a child have dreamed of magic images talking to sensitive hearts. They say I use bright, harmonious and powerful colors. I love the shades of blue and its subtle strength. Being evocative, for me, is a real need, which transpires in my paintings! I hope that you may find the right subject for you in my latest collection, and that it will lead you upwards towards the high peaks in your hearts! So, Welcome to my shop! and may all the pictures you choose guide you on your deepest, innermost paths!"
Claudia Nanni on Instagram

Libra Zodiac Constellation. Original miniature paintings. Canvas art. Libra constellation.

Libra Zodiac Constellation. Original miniature paintings. Canvas art. Libra constellation.

"Wall art. Libra Constellation, unique original paintings for a very special gift. Special gift for anniversary or Birthday. Blue mini paintings with Libra Constellations. Blue painting with stars. Home decor, Waldorf inspired art. NOTE:This listing is for 1 single original painting (Libra constellation). Along with the painting I will send you a card (with the astrological description) that you can hang on the wall or attach it to the back to create a UNIQUE piece. Is a very original idea!! :) Please look carefully to the pictures of this listing :)  FOR ANOTHER CONSTELLATION SIGN please visit this listing:"

Tic Tac Toys, Spain   Ana y Joaquín

"This shop is the realization of a dream, I hope you enjoy our creations as much as we do them. Welcome to the enchanted forest.  We are craftsmen, we work with our hands and we love to participate in multiple shows whether ecological, design or craft."
Tic Tac Toys on Facebook

"Carmina, a friendly fairy and temperamental, unlike her fellow likes to wear short hair and hat, beautiful combination of colors in merino wool feel and unbeatable quality, based on the guidelines waldorf, promote fantasy and fill rooms joy when their soft wool is rocked by the wind.  We custom orders, design your fairy, invents his colors, send a sketch and make it happen  Our figures are made of merino wool certified German origin (Öko-Tex Standard 100) is very important certification for the wool does not contain toxic substances and the origin of the wool is respectful of the animal. We are totally opposed to the animal abuse. Our supplier is free of mulesing.  It is for this reason that we intend to adjust our prices to the fullest by offering certified materials and elaborate work with proper use can be passed from generation without any problems, thanks to proper pressing with needles that give a proper consistency to our creations."

Friday, August 7, 2015

Rainbow Items Part Two

More rainbow items from Waldorf Etsy shops around the world this week.  next week I may turn my attention to Autumn themes items.

Weekly posts showcase handmade items crafted from varied materials. I also share the post on my Pinterest, TumblerTwitterGoogle +Instagram and Facebook page. Where possible I have included social media links for the artist/crafter. We appreciate you commenting and sharing on social media.

Felted Gnome from My Jacob's Ladder

Waldorf Inspired Felted Gnome

Galit from Israel has a lovely shop full of needle felted gnomes for all seasons.

Item Description: "Original and one of a kind Needle felted gnomes.  Each gnome is handmade from 100% pure wool, and needle felted tightly. This gnomes are just the right size for little hands and can fit in nicely with imaginative play or simply sitting quietly on a shelf or nature table.  They stand about 7" tall from base to tip of hat and about 1.25"-1.5" base diameter.  Not suitable for toddlers.  The listing is for one gnome  you can choose the color features of your gnomes:  brown and autumn colors, brown and green meadows, brown and blues , Christmas gnomes (blue and red)."
For more pictures see this listings:

Sea Glass Candle Holder from CraftyWorksCornwall

Waldorf inspired wooden candle holder - Sea glass sun catcher - Sea glass candle holder - Sea glass sun - Waldorf home decor

Guy from The United Kingdom He writes: "When I'm not creating, I enjoy spending time with my son on exploratory walks on the beach or in the nearby countryside. We always come back with something new and exciting to be used in a future project!"

Item Description: "Waldorf inspired wooden candle holder - Sea glass sun catcher - Sea glass candle holder - Waldorf home decor - Sea glass sun.  Brighten your home with this beautiful rustic Waldorf inspired wood and sea glass candle holder. Crafted in England from reclaimed materials, this candle holder features a rising sun made from sea glass harvested from my local beach. At night with a candle burning the sea glass glows in the flickering candlelight. By day place by a window to capture the sun sparkling through the beads of sea glass.  Will be well packed for shipping, ships worldwide. Candle holder dimensions approx: 4.5" high x 7.5" wide x 3.5" deep. (115mm x 185mm x 85mm)"

Mini Maypole Kit from Sage Green Handcrafts

Mini Maypole Kit

Kelly Niemaszyk from Massachusetts, USA  "I am inspired by nature and the changes in season and like to use high quality, natural materials made of wool, wood, and cotton in my work. These materials feel so good to the touch and are of course, more sustainable and safer than synthetics, especially when played with by little ones. I "up-cycle" when appropriate and use things like scrap wood that would otherwise end up in a job site dumpster. I love to incorporate treasures that I have collected from nature in my items such as acorn caps, pine cones, stones and sea shells."

Item Description: "Make your own 6.5” maypole display to celebrate May Day and Spring! This is a fun project with a beautiful and exciting result! Looks gorgeous in a fairy garden, on a nature table, or to set up small dolls, animals, or even toy cars around for play. Adults and children ages 3 and up can participate in its creation. Young children will need assistance. Waldorf inspired.
Kit Includes:
- Instructions with photos to make a 6.5” maypole
- 3 Wooden pieces (circular base, dowel and finial)
- 5 different colored ribbons
- Tissue paper
- Sandpaper
You’ll Need:
- Craft or wood glue
- Scissors
- Something to protect your surface (paper, tray, etc.)
- A hammering tool (hammer, stone, etc.)
Small parts, please use caution with young children."

Mini Baby from Polar Bear Creations

Waldorf inspired Mini Baby ,Colors

Sue from Canada "I'm a creator of many things! My main focus theses day’s lays in making dolls and toys from natural materials, which are inspired by the Waldorf Philosophy and that are safe for children of all ages.  I believe that every child should have a handmade doll, which has been made with love and care, and is unique!  Waldorf inspired dolls, with their simple, lovely faces, give children lots of room for imaginative play.  Creative playing helps children to develop nurturing and a sense of their own “self”.  Isn’t that something we need more of in our world today??"

Item Description: "This cute Mini Baby is about 7 inches tall (18 cm)and perfect for little hands.
(12 inches/ca 29 cm to the point of the hat).  The Mini Babies body is made from pre-washed 100% cotton fabric and is stuffed with 100% clean, carded sheep wool.  The head is made like the big dolls heads(but has no nose) and stuffed with sheep wool as well.The skin fabric is 100% cotton jersey knit from Switzerland. (GLOREX )  This fabric is tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The eyes, mouth and a few strands of hair are stitched on. A bit of red beeswax is rubbed on to make the rosy cheeks.  All seams are double sewn and with no small parts to swallow, this Mini Baby is perfect for your infant or baby.  The Mini Baby can be washed by hand with wool soap"

Polar Bear Creations website and blog
Polar Bear Creations on Facebook

Plant Dyed Wool Batts from Wool Ewe Play

a Rainbow Selection of Plant Dyed Wool Batts

Julia Gray from NY, USA  "I have always loved art & creating - I wear my heart on my sleeve. Color Color Color, I love using natural pigments from plants. Plant dying is so rewarding, especially in winter, I bring the colors of Summer/Autumn inside all year round. I love the texture of wool & creations I can make with a felting needle or spinning wheel - it's so tactile.  Dyeing fiber has to be my number one passion right now."

Product Description: "This listing is for 5oz of a plant dyed batts in a Rainbow of colors - The batts are made up of mixed wool and most of them are merino, Finn, BFL and the like of soft wool. The plant dyes I used are mix too - Goldenrod, onion skins, madder, cochineal (actually this one is a bug not plant), Indigo and Logwood. You get all 5 - 1oz batts.  This wool is great for felting wool - wet or dry. It also spins into a lofty soft yarn and this color is to dye for (hee he). All my batts are light tight and are fixed with Alum and Cream of Tartar. Each rolled batt weighs 1oz - light & fluffy, a dream to spin up. I have been dyeing for 10 years now and absolutely love it - the natural way all the colors blend harmoniously is a gift from the earth. Give yourself a treat and try natural colors."

Wool Ewe Play on Facebook

Dancing Silk Fairies Mobile from Jouets De La Terre

Dancing Fairies Mobile - Silk

Soledad San Emeterio from Argentina has a classic selection of handmade dolls, needle felted dolls and mobiles in her shop.

Item Description: "Mobile of 12 silk fairies. Perfect for the nursery as visual stimulation for baby or anywhere in the home.  All items are handmade by me, in my smoke-free home.  This is a Waldorf inspired piece made in wool and silk. It's been created to provide a peaceful and harmonious image that communicates with the soul through its colors, textures, forms and energy.  For an expectant mother or a new baby, our Dancing Fairy Mobile Kit makes a wonderful gift you can make together with your children. Simply stuffing the silk squares with wool and attaching them to the hoop will make a beautiful mobile that parents and babies will love."

Jouets De La Terre on Facebook

Knitted Baby Bloomers from Allo Knits

Anna Hallock from California, USA  "I started knitting as part of a role study in college and never stopped! After having my kids, I discovered baby and cloth diapering knits. I began selling locally and offering customs in the cloth diapering world. I am excited to meet all of you here on Etsy!"

Item Description: "These bloomers are the perfect spring wardrobe addition! Knit using Eco-Wrapz Spring Birds colorway on Cestari Fine Merino Wool.
Bloomer Size: Small - 0 to 6 Months
Rise: 16"
Hips: 19"
Waist: 14" at rest with plenty of stretch
Headband: 12" - 19"
Bloomers have a wide gusset, plenty of short rows, knit I-cord, and lots of stretch for a great fit over fluffy cloth diaper bums. Woolies are washed, lanolized, and ready to wear."

Anna on Facebook