Monday, July 1, 2013

Syrendell's LAPHH

 ~Love ~ Abundance ~ Peace ~ Health~


Kerelaion eBook
Jennifer & Rick Tan are the owners of Syrendell.  Syrendell is the collaboration of love, abundance, peace, health and happiness in the Tan Family.  They share their knowledge and talents with others through their arts, crafts, writing, and music in order to help others have an enriched, holistic, joyful life! 

Syrendell's mission is to provide you with handmade 
toys, crafts, fiber arts, custom aromatherapy and harp music 
so that you may fill your home with opportunities to learn 
and LAPHH!
 Their items are wonderful for home learning, for artists, as well as for Waldorf-inspired folks and families who wish to attain a more holistic, artistic, and natural family life.
Wood Crochet Hook Set
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 Chalk Drawing Video & eBook
Syrendell are proud members of the Waldorf on Etsy Team!

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