Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer - Mermaids, Mushrooms and More.

It's high summer.  For many it means a more relaxed schedule and time on the beaches.

Offerings from shops on the Waldorf on Etsy team are accompanied by links to summer songs  on You Tube.  What comes to mind when you think of a summer themed song?  Let me know in the comment section.

We are a group of sellers who share a common interest in Waldorf education, either in the home or through a Waldorf school. Our goal is to support and enjoy our unique community while promoting our businesses.
Our Team Page:

Anyone, or any family, with an etsy shop and who is dedicated to the ideals of Waldorf education is invited to join: Homeschoolers (both aspiring, active and graduated), Waldorf teachers (aspiring, retired and active), and parents of Waldorf school children. Older Waldorf-educated teens with active etsy shops may also join.

Mermaid in her Undersea Grotto - felted in the Waldorf style

Cheryl Jackson, Soft n Wolly, United Kingdom


robin's egg blue mushroom / hand carved mycology

Pamela, Pretty Dreamer NH, USA

Campfire Art, Wool Art, Wool painting

Campfire Art,  Wool Art, Wool painting

Nina Moore, Makes Moore, Canada,







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  1. I am currently working on Summertime and For the Summer by Ray LaMontagne on guitar. Love the jazzy lazy feel of Summertime. And I am obsessed with For the Summer.