Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Most Wonderful Waldorf Toy and Art Store

Welcome to our shop, Waldorf on Etsy. 
Come spend time with us, browse our aisles, daydream and enter into a world of imagination. Make sure to bring the little ones.
Our shop is filled with handcrafted toys and other items, inspired by Waldorf schools, and created from natural materials by crafters and artists from all over the world. 
Our shop exists online as the Waldorf on Etsy team.
We are Waldorf parents, Waldorf teachers, homeschoolers, Waldorf alumni.  We are inspired by the beautiful, natural toys that are the tradition in Waldorf schools. 

We come from the mountains of California, the farms of New England, towns in the Midwest, as well as Australia, Kenya, the British Isles, Chile, France . . . We have more than 250 members from across the globe.
Our individual shops offer a plethora of toys that will inspire a child’s imagination, as well as other Waldorf inspired art and items.
 We have sweet, huggable Waldorf dolls in every style imaginable and huggable creatures as well. Our shops include lovely items for the nature table, like needle-felted animals, fairies and gnomes. 
Spend hours storytelling with finger puppets, peg dolls and fairy tale dolls. Our favorite materials are wool, wood, silk and cotton.
Some of our shops include wearables like crafting aprons, birthday crowns, and flower hairclips and headbands. 

We have soft and natural playthings for babies and Waldorf fairies and toys that teach children about nature, the seasons, the weather and the world.
We are like so many parents who take a natural approach to parenting; most of us started out by making toys for our own children.
 Please take some time to explore our individual shops and see how Waldorf has inspired and united us.
Thank you for visiting please come again!


  1. Wonderful, thank you Matti and Claudia for putting this together...

  2. Oh wow these toys are an immediate pull back into childhood. What absolute treasures these are! I am so glad to have found this page. I am from Iceland and wrote a post about visiting the Waldorf school that opened only a few years ago in the capital, Reykjavík. If your interested you can check out this link

    Now Im off to do some more looking around :)

    Birgitta xx