Monday, September 30, 2013

Brigit's Bell

Today we welcome fellow Waldorf on Etsy Artist Karen Traversy from Brigit's Bell
I have worked with children my whole life.  I have Mastered in Education with a Waldorf Certificate.  I helped to found a Waldorf school in my community 15 years ago
 I am now retired from teaching and I am so happy to be spending my days in arts and crafting.  I have been a crafter since childhood-my grandmother taught me to knit, my mother, to sew. 
 I am a needle and mixed media artist encompassing a broad range of projects:  Peg dolls, knitted goddesses, prayer flags, garden art shingles, photography and so on.
 My etsy shop is full of handmade miniatures, dolls and toys.  They are Waldorf inspired for nature table, storytelling and imaginative play or lovely seasonal displays. Natural fibers and materials are used almost exclusively.
 I started my shop to offer many of the items I made for my classroom but also to express my interest in spirituality, myths, folktales and fairy-tales.
 I think having a creative outlet is essential to being a happy, fully developed human being.
 The world needs bits of beauty and whimsy.
 Visit me through out the web:
My Etsy shop, Bridgit’s Bell:
My Blog, also Bridgit’s Bell:
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 Thank you & Enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Blogs from Waldorf on Etsy Artists

The world of Waldorf on Etsy is filled with beautiful, natural arts and crafts, gift ideas and educational items.  Yet, the work of the artists in our group is not limited to items for sale.  We also share a wealth of information, ideas, craft projects, and creative posts about Waldorf inspired family life from a wide range of blogs.  
 Rainbow Star Sun Catcher
We originally highlighted team member blogs in our March 22, 2013 post titled Waldorf on Etsy Blogs Worth Checking Out.  
Today we have a new group of artist blogs to share with you. 
Visit the Sunshine Living blog created by Stephanie of the Waldorf on Etsy shop Petals and Sunshine.  See the journey to her beautiful Waldorf style playroom she created for her children, get a recipe for Carrot-Pineapple muffins or simply enjoy the happy pictures.   There's all kinds of ideas and information on this blog from a fellow Waldorf inspired parent to you.
Lorna, fiber artist and owner of the Waldorf on Etsy shop, Wandering Sheep has an information packed blog all about "felt works and fiber mania."  Her blog shares the same name as her etsy shop.  Visit the Wandering Sheep blog to learn all about felt - it's history, its making, as well as examples of her beautiful work and the processes she uses to create it. 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the work of Waldorf on Etsy artist Claudia Marie those words ring true.  Check out the beautiful pictures of her amazingly lifelike felted creations on her blog Claudia Marie Felted Creatures
Get some great ideas for Waldorf inspired Fall celebrations and enjoy the world of Goldie and her family from the Waldorf on Etsy shop Many Paths On Mountain on her blog Prelogar Land
"Living, loving,learning, naturally" is what Lavendar and Ladybugs is all about!  Authored by Yuki of the Waldorf on Etsy shop of the same name, this blog is bound to become a treasure.  Be one of the first to follow it! 
Whither Will I Wander offers an entertaining view into a unique world of wonderful toys and creative ideas.  Run by Pamela of the Waldorf on Etsy shop Pretty Dreamer 
Whither Will I Wander has so much variety its a must visit blog.

Check out the Waldorf on Etsy team of artists on Pinterest too: 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Time Fun With Peg Dolls

  Marie from the Waldorf on Etsy Shop, Soft Earth Art, shares a day of making peg dolls in with her nieces in New Zealand.
We decided to get busy and have a go at making some peg dolls.
Out came the paints and paint brushes.
We then searched around for decorating material, felt
pieces, fake fur, ribbon, lace,wool, acorn caps etc
But that was not all, we told stories with them and played for hours.
What fun we had!

For more inspiration from Marie visit her Waldorf on Etsy shop