Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Magic Nest Giveaway

Today we're sharing a special giveaway by Waldorf on Etsy artist Lucinda Macy of Willodel.  The giveaway begins on Dec. 1,  2013 and ends on Sunday,  Dec. 8, 2013.

"In the spirit of goodwill and giving back to those who have given and all those  who would like to give and inspire the imagination, creativity and embracing the spirit of the natural world..... let us enjoy our grand extended family that we have become and are becoming!" 

Joining the Willodel shop in this giving is The MagicFairyLady shop on etsy, a shop that embraces the love of the natural world and the power of creativity in a most unique and beautiful way. 
Their special giveaway:
 A Wee one with her Moonrise bed and bed table!
They also have a story with this Giveaway....

For more details and to enter this contest, 
please visit the Willodel website.

Happy Holidays & Happy Giveaways!

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